Welcome to Earth Science

Earth Science is a science that is observable for all ages.  You don't need specialized equipment to observe rocks, minerals, weather, landforms, space and water bodies.  Students of all ages can have much more fun in the outdoors with a basic understanding of Earth processes and geological events.  This site can be used to teach students how the Earth features are formed.

Just use the links found under the menu item "Book" and pick a chapter.  The reading level is easy.  Each page is very visual including high resolution images as well as video that will give a better understanding of each part of every chapter.  Just click on the images to see them expand into their higher quality so that you can appreaciate the finer detail.  Many of the images on this site are my own, as I have driven around the country.  My goal is to eventually have all original images.

If you are a teacher you can use the "Earth Science Blog" link which details how I teach each section of the book portion in class.