Science Experiment

Now that you have some basic understanding of the scientific method, you are going to design an experiment.  You will share your experiment with the class.  You will create a Google doc in which you will do a lab write up.   Below are the instructions to this assignment.

  1. You will find a science experiment.

    • One that you can do by the end of this section.

    • Do not overburden yourselves with an experiment that takes money and too much  time.

    • You must have a control.

    • You must have two variables.

    • You must be able to gather graphable and explainable data.

  2. Question

    • Should be based on an observation/curiosity.

    • Come up with a question that you will try to prove.

  3. Hypothesis

    • Come up with a potential solution to the problem/question.

    • Remember it must be testable.

  4. Materials

    • Come up with a materials list for your experiment.

  5. Procedure

    • You will come up with a step by step procedure to your experiment.

    • This is the most important part.  Make sure you procedure is easy to follow.  I will read your procedure to you and you will have to follow them exactly.

    • Make sure you use standard units of measures. (mm, cm, m, ml, l, etc...)

  6. Observations

    • What happens with the control and the two variables?

    • What did you see, taste, smell, hear, and feel?

  7. Conclusion

    • The correct answer to your question as well as the scientific explanation.  This should be a one to two paragraph scientific explanation.

    • Needs to include a statement that answers your question.

  8. Your google doc needs to be:

    • neat

    • scientifically accurate

    • informative

    • interactive

    • visual

      1. Spelling and grammar will be graded on your presentation.

      2. Present your experiment in this order:  Question, hypothesis, materials needed, procedure, observations and conclusions


You will have until today to plan the experiment with your group. You will present your experiment on [Dates] of next week.  Use Google or any of the science experiment books on the back table.  Please do not vandalize my books and put them up when you are done.  Groups may consist of 1, 2, or 3 students.  Make sure that if you work with partners you don’t choose a freeloader.   


The following are not allowed:

  1. Baking soda and vinegar experiments

  2. Anything that requires a pickle

  3. Anything that explodes.

  4. Mentos and Soda Experiments

  5. Cruelty to animals

REMEMBER:  You have to do an experiment that can be scientifically explained, so make sure you understand the science of why your experiment did what it did.

If you would like a Google Doc version of this science experiment activity just click this link.

This link will take you to the rubric which is how this experiment will be graded.